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Pool enclosures with modern technology, equipment and materials of high quality,

betting on a totally Portuguese manufacture.


Coverpool International already has pool enclosures in Continental Portugal, Madeira, the Azores and beyond in several countries in Europe and Africa. We are market leaders not only for the numbers, but mainly for the satisfaction of our customers and for always recommending us. This is undoubtedly the best indicator of all.


The company’s productive growth is accompanied by technologically sustainable growth, with the company having acquired new manufacturing and project support equipment in recent years. In addition, we highlight the partnership with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Instituto Superior Técnico, where structural analyzes are carried out on the pool enclosures and where a Research and Development project was also launched for Coverpool pool enclosures.


Concern for the environment is present throughout our operations as a company, with all manufacturing surpluses being sent to certified recycling companies.


We have been pioneers in the market, guaranteeing always the growth and training of the team that accompanies us. Specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of pool enclosures.

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Coverpool in Espaços & Casas

Coverpool in Espaços & Casas   Coverpool International was featured in the SIC Notícias Spaces & amp; Houses. Watch the statements of Engineer Cesar Blazer on the added value of having a pool cover. Watch the statements of Engineer Cesar Blazer on the added value of having a pool cover....

Certification and Legislation

Certification   Coverpool obtained the European certification EN-1090 in February 2018, which implies that all fabricated structures have CE marking. This certification proves that all our raw material is certified, as well as the welders and all the welding processes, which there is quality control in the receipt of raw...

Why a Cover Pool?

Why a Cover Pool?   There are four and very important reasons to opt for a pool cover. 1 - ENJOY YOUR SWIMMING POOL ALL YEAR The pool covers allow the pool to be used continuously throughout the year and not just in the summer. This way you will benefit...